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Ideas on How to Design Your Living Room with Blue Color

Integrating blue shades into the decor of your living room will make it cool, calm classic and even neat. Blue always portray elegance and freshness. To cut the story short, blue living room design are always splendid, classy, majestic and fashionable.

Ideas on How to Design Your Living Room with Blue Color

Ideas on How to Design Your Living Room with Blue Color

You can choose blue as the only accent color for the décor

To choose a perfect color for the walls of a room stuffed with a lot of wooden furniture may be an onerous work to do. So, in the present case, looking for complementary colors will always make sense. Blue is a great complementary color in this instance. Blue may be used in combination with other colors like beige or grey for the drapes as it will not naturally tamper with the accent color.

A dusky shade of blue could be soothing for the eyes

Blue goes well with warmer colors and shades for balance

You can also opt for complementary color combinations

You can also opt for the pastel shade and combine it with brighter colors

Blue rugs or carpets can also be used even some items like decorative pillows and lamps can be used in their blue color. Combining blue with beige or brown will always make blue more attractive and beautiful. A blue living room will always want you to stay there forever because it is always inviting.

Blue as a wall color is often perceived as being soothing and calming

Pastel blue walls and a matching accent rug complemented by wicker elements

The pillows are a very common way of introducing blue color into a room

A cheerful combination of yellow and blue for a sunny look

A very pale blue accent wall with small turquoise accents

A white and brown living room with small blue accents

Blue living room designs can also turn out to be colorful. Using blue to paint the wall is a very good idea although; there can be more wisdom in using pastel tones in place of bright tones because it is always preferable not to create an extreme décor. You will always get a tranquil environment by using classic designs and textured fabrics coupled with blue and cream colors. Creating a balance will be easy.

There are countless ways in which you can add color to a room

A more traditional living room featuring blue accents throughout

A turquoise shade looks beautiful in combination with yellow and black

An overall neutral color palette accentuated by pastel blue accents

Another bright and airy living room featuring floral accents

Complementary colors are often used in more traditional decors

The combination of blue and white or grey is also very chic

The only colorful accents here are the turquoise cushions

The very subtle shade of blue on the walls makes the room feel even larger

If you use refined blue and white stripes, you have successfully created another idea of designing a living room. Blue also looks elegant when combined with white and used on walls or dark wood furniture.

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